Epic Weekend

I already knew that this past weekend was going to be huge even before it started. With lots of events and a DJ gig thrown in there, I was ready for the Epic Weekend to begin. The day started off meeting up with my fellow CarNinja teammate, Bryan. We met up with the guys from M Club L.A. as well as some new faces we had not seen before in the “M” community. Once everyone was there we assembled like band of soldiers and caravan’d down to San Diego where some of us were going to the HRE Wheels event and others were going to simply just meet up and eat a good lunch. With the caravan in full effect, our buddy David snapped several amazing rolling shots of everyone. (see pics below) Unfortunately we were a little late getting to HRE as there was a mess of traffic into San Diego. After checking out HRE’s massive warehouse and how they make their awesome wheels, we then had to jet up to L.A. to get to the SimTec Motorsports show where I was DJ-ing at and had to sound check around 7pm, so time was of the essence. Once we finally got there we breathed a sigh of relief haha and we were ready to party into the night!

For the full albums of all the pics, check out the CarNinja Flickr page.


~ by djtyblog on July 17, 2012.

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