Super Car Sunday

So I was invited by some friends to attend Super Car Sunday since it was BMW day. It was a really long day but a lot of fun for sure. My day started off at 4:30AM woke up got ready and headed out to the meet my friend. Got some gas, coffee and a breakfast sandwich before my buddy showed up. I had some time to kill so I snapped this pic.

When my friend arrived we then headed up to L.A. to meet a lot of other M cars.

Once we arrived to Super Car Sunday we then strolled slowly through the sea of people to find parking spots with the other BMW’s. It was great to see such a vast collection of different cars, from exotics to rare vintage to fully custom-built cars.

As I was about to leave the show lo and behold Jay Leno showed up! =) He brought out this one seater old vintage car. It was hard to get a pic since he had a mob of people around him but I managed to get a decent one 😉

All in all it was a fun Sunday indeed.

Here are the rest of the pics. Enjoy!



~ by djtyblog on February 28, 2012.

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