A New “DAW” A New Day

So your probably asking your self what the hell is a DAW haha. Well in the music world it stands for Digital Audio Workstation. It’s basically a program that encompasses all the tools of a Recording studio but makes it a little less expensive and virtual for the home studio user or professional. I was using Fl Studio before, which was great except for the fact that my computer got a nasty virus and wouldn’t even open FL Studio anymore. at that time I was considering moving to a whole new DAW but since I was familiar with FL Studio I was not to keen on learning a new program all over again. So as my music was on hold for a while I did some research and thinking and came to the conclusion that I would go ahead and start over with a new DAW. This time around I picked up Logic Pro 9 for MAC instead of the PC like FL Studio was. It was a whole new ball game now, more presets, more options, and not to mention a more complex and non user friendly layout and construction. I will admit I thought to myself, “what did I get myself into,” it was tough and well, still is tough but I am slowly learning. Third party synths, drum kits etc etc. are not as available for logic as it is with FL Studio but still there is a lot of third party soft synths and kits out there.  I see this as a challenge and a hurtle I need to overcome to be a better producer.


~ by djtyblog on November 18, 2011.

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