A Night To Remember

A few weeks ago was a moment I will never forget, one for the record books as they say. I had reserved a table at Studio, the restaurant at Montage in Laguna Beach. I wanted to treat my GF out cause she worked so hard in school and is trying hard to secure her desired job at the moment. So I wanted to semi celebrate all that, I also had an ace up my sleeve. The food was amazing and the service was exceptional. Once dinner was over I made my way over to the bathroom and relaxed and gained my composure. I went back out to our table and then I told her I had hurt my knee and I twisted my leg in the bathroom. Being as sweet as she is she was so concerned for me. I said to her “I’m ok I’m ok let me just stretch ok , hold on.” At that moment I bent down on one knee pretended to stretch behind my back and pulled out the ring and asked her If she would marry me. She was so shocked her response was a little delayed (hahaha) she then said YES! of course! After that we were greeted by the staff of the restaurant congratulating us and offered us a complementary glass of champagne and a congratulation dessert made of white chocolate and berries.  It truly was an amazing night, I could not have asked for more. My fiance’ and I are not the types to go over the top with certain things like this as we both tend to enjoy the simple things sometimes. For example I don’t think taking a helicopter up a mountain and proposing while an areal acrobats team sing your favorite love song, fireworks are going off and all while fighter jets fly across the sky with colored smoke… It’s just not me. Here are some pics of the food and her with the ring on. Thank You everyone for all your kind and caring words towards our engagement. As things further and plans start to go into action I will let everyone know in advance what the plans for the ceremony etc, will be. Thank You!!!!


~ by djtyblog on July 15, 2011.

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