Tokyo バナナ

A while ago on my buddy’s blog, he posted about his favourite snack item from Japan, called “Tokyo Banana”.

It looked really good and also very interesting. What the hell was a Tokyo banana I thought to myself. I didn’t know urban cities like Tokoyo were known for bananas? Well despite the name, I finally got to try one this morning for my breakfast. I know I know, not a balanced breakfast but I never have time so this had to do.  The Tokyo Banana was actually my GF’s but she gave it to me to eat cause shes awesome! So I finally got to try this “Tokyo Banana” ….when you open it, it smells like an actual banana. I bit into it and man was it good! It’s filled with a banana pudding sort of thing but very delicious. If you ever go to Japan you can find these at the airport gift shops. I think when I leave this month to Japan I’ll get some when I land to snack on. =)


~ by djtyblog on May 13, 2011.

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