Ultra Wide Angle Yo!

Finally!!!!!!!!! After having 3 deals in a row fall through to buy a used Canon 10-22mm Ultra Wide Angle lens from sellers, I finally said effit I will just spend a little more and buy a new one. This lens is capable of capturing what you normally would not be able to capture when looking through a standard lens.  For example if your shooting a room, you will be able to get the ceiling and most of the walls in the shot, where if you used a standard lens you would only get the wall in front of you.  It’s great for outdoor shots as well as static car shots. I can’t wait to use it in Japan, the shots should turn out amazing.


~ by djtyblog on May 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ultra Wide Angle Yo!”

  1. Post some sample shots!

  2. Haha I will this weekend…have not had a chance to seriously test it out.

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