Garage Defend

One of my favorite tuning garages in Japan, Garage Defend. They are mainly a GT-R tuning shop but they do all sorts of work to any car really. I am definitely going to try to visit them next month when I am in Japan. Hopefully I can make it out and snap some pics for the blog. They also sell cars so I keep up-to-date on their inventory so see what rolls in =) here’s some sick cars they have for sale.

This Red S15 is so dope. I love how flush the wheels are and how slammed it is.

Lastly, such a clean GT-R btw it has all Nismo suspension parts such as LCA, RUCA, etc. 


~ by djtyblog on April 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Garage Defend”

  1. This Nissan Skyline GTR is for sale?? how much

  2. I doubt it is still for sale as this was about a year ago. I don’t work for Garage Defend so I have no idea on pricing.

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