Hard Work and Dedication

Many of you might not agree with me totally on this blog post but I thought I would shed light on to things happening in my life so far. Over this past year I have felt I have achieved a lot and done a lot even though I don’t feel like I have. A year ago I started with zero, a guy who just goes to work for 40 hours a week and goes part time to a junior college. With little ambition and hope for my future I just kept doing my daily routine. I then got a phone call from my friend who I talk with some what often and is out of state. Just talking about life and stuff in general he told me about wanting to start up his own independent record label that him and his girlfriend where working on. I have been friends with him forever and felt that this was a great plan for him. He had also wanted me to join and us three run the label. I was over joyed and was excited except I didn’t know exactly how we where going to do all this….well skip ahead to today. I now find myself with so many opportunities and doors that have been opened for me. My music is now growing rapidly, we have linked up with several artists, albums in the works, and working with companies I had only dreamed about before.  As of 1 year ago I am now working the 40 hour job, still in junior college, running a independent record label, Producing music for different companies, and becoming a music artist…all at the same time. Hard work and Dedication…dreams come true but you have to jump hurtles and deal with struggles before the dream is ever dreamed .


~ by djtyblog on October 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hard Work and Dedication”

  1. yo waddup!? love the post! keep it up man!

  2. Hard work eventually DOES pay off….there is no such thing as the ‘perfect plan’..things happen for a reason..AND because you MAKE them happen…you can wait for your ship to come in..or you can SWIM out to the ship…we all make our own destiny. Choose wisely, chart your course, and shift into gear.

  3. PS- Congrats on each step up the ‘ladder’…may your next steps be great big ones….love- Dad 😉

  4. Keep it up, dude! (^_^)/

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