Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM **FOR SALE**

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After much debate I am deciding to sell my favorite lens. The 10-22 is in excellent condition and the focus and zoom rings scroll smoothly with no issues. It is about 9/10 condition and comes with all original papers, unused warranty card and instructions as you can see from the pics.
I am also throwing in the canon lens hood (not pictured). This lens never came with a lens hood and you needed to buy it separately. I bought the 10-22mm for $750 new 2 years ago.

I am asking $600-

Please contact me at:

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM **FOR SALE**

Lens-2 Lens-3 Lens-4 Lens-5 Lens-6 Lens-7 Lens-8 Lens-9

Examples that I myself shot with the Canon 10-22mm 


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Hustle Hard, Hustle, Real Real Real Hard.

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Been so busy with life. Being busy is good I guess, I suppose it means that good things will happen if you hustle and put in the work. With that said here is my visual hustle.

EMK After Dark Meet



HRE Wheels Open House event.


Proud of my company CarNinja for our second time on Click here for the article => CarNinja x Gold Rush Rally V


Very Proud to announce, CarNinja just released our first ever T-Shirts. Super limited first edition run. We are currently selling them but we are running low. Check them all out here: CarNinja 1st Edition Shirts


EMK rally


Back Again

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Man oh man, this has been an insane year so far and it’s not even summer yet. After doing rallies and car events almost every weekend, my life has been one big flurry of car madness. Now I am not complaining here but just stepping back to take a look at what I have been involved with so far this year. Like the saying goes, ‘This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg’. Sidebar, maybe it’s the shots of espresso talking but wanted to just reflect on my automotive life real quick. It’s just crazy to think that I came into this car life with a couple of HIN shows under my belt and posters on my wall of cars I only dreamed about. Read car magazines like Import Tuner and Super Street, and saw these famous tuners and drivers that I one day wish i could meet. Skip to the present day and through networking and friendships in this industry, if I ever want to call up or message one of those drivers or tuners I can do it via my iPhone =) Crazy to think back and reflect on what you dreamed about and whats now a reality. Now back to my crazy year here are some photos with small descriptions.

Road to Mfest VII. My M3 shot by Ted7 Photography.


Met Kato san, owner of Liberty Walk Japan. He then gave me some stickers and this cool Liberty Walk Shirt as a gift. Truly thankful!


Partying with Liberty Walk Japan and friends. =) Taken from Liberty Walk blog.


Photo of me taking a photo of the person taking a photo of me taking a photo lol. From the EMK Euro Rally to Santa Monica.


Eurocar x Art In Motion Event #2 such a great rally.



Mfest VII Pre-Meet at Oakley HQ.


Eurocar x Art In Motion Event #1


Symbolic Motors Open House Event in San Diego.




This is only part of what I have done but that was just a glimpse into why ‘We Live This Car Life’

Been so long

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So I have not posted in quite sometime, almost a year actually. Things at CarNinja have been going great steadily progressing and moving forward with the launch of the site. A new clothing line I am working for just launched called Dirty Little Bastards, DLB for short and many other things in life…mainly car stuff haha. Here’s some stuff that I have been up too.





Epic Weekend

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I already knew that this past weekend was going to be huge even before it started. With lots of events and a DJ gig thrown in there, I was ready for the Epic Weekend to begin. The day started off meeting up with my fellow CarNinja teammate, Bryan. We met up with the guys from M Club L.A. as well as some new faces we had not seen before in the “M” community. Once everyone was there we assembled like band of soldiers and caravan’d down to San Diego where some of us were going to the HRE Wheels event and others were going to simply just meet up and eat a good lunch. With the caravan in full effect, our buddy David snapped several amazing rolling shots of everyone. (see pics below) Unfortunately we were a little late getting to HRE as there was a mess of traffic into San Diego. After checking out HRE’s massive warehouse and how they make their awesome wheels, we then had to jet up to L.A. to get to the SimTec Motorsports show where I was DJ-ing at and had to sound check around 7pm, so time was of the essence. Once we finally got there we breathed a sigh of relief haha and we were ready to party into the night!

For the full albums of all the pics, check out the CarNinja Flickr page.

Cars & Coffee Canyon Cruise

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After Cars & Coffee us Carninja guys met up with the guys from McLaren of Newport Beach for a little cruise and photo session. Take a look at some sample shots  bellow but view the whole album at: Carninja Flickr Album

Photo Sesh~

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So over the weekend I finally got around to cleaning the car. Later that night I felt like doing a small shoot with my M3 in a parking structure I found not far from my house. I got quite a bit of pics before security came =( any how here are a few highlight shots.

The Otherside of Invisible

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Hey guys, I made a little mash-up remix of two of my favorite House tracks over the memorial day weekend and wanted to post it here for you all to check out. It’s Red Hot Chili Peppers- Otherside (Third Party Remix) and Skylar Grey- Invisible (John Dahlback Remix) i hope you enjoy!


Click to Listen: The Otherside of Invisible

Yet Another Fun Adventure in Japan

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As I had mentioned here are my pics from my recent trip to Japan. It was so much fun as always and extremely difficult and sad for me to leave.


So Much Has Gone On

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As the tittle states…So much has gone on. Where do I start? Well I got married…in Japan! It was an amazing time and as always I never want to go back home haha. I came back from Japan about 2 weeks ago and when I came back on Tuesday I had 2 days to relax before it was off to Las Vegas for MFEST VI. Here are some pics from the adventure =)